The Internet’s Bubonic Plague: Content Oversaturation

The Internet's Bubonic Plague-Content Oversaturation

Days of content are uploaded to YouTube in less than an hour. Blogs are published by the hundreds around the world in various niches. Infographics are plastered everywhere across the web every day. We live in an odd age. We have too much information. What is happening to the internet now is a dilemma in that we have an oversaturation of content. It is like a Christmas with divorced parents, and the children gave them the same list. They get double the presents but the same toys, and they are just stacking up on each other. That is one hell of a mess.

In the SEO world, we know that content is an extremely important facet of a website. It gives users a place to learn more about your business and its knowledge as well as provides a place for them to discuss it. Even though this is good, when we have thousands of companies who do know how to do it properly, you end up with the same or very similar content. This is a bad user experience. There are so many ways that you can screw in a light bulb, and writing different blog posts about it is not helping the user.

So, what is the solution to the internet plague of content oversaturation? Content innovation. What is going to happen is that users will gravitate towards platforms that are very simplistic and have the most diversity in content and social interaction. We already have content hubs where we recognize the thought leaders but even the content there will wax and wane. This is why Reddit is as successful as it is. Content is curated at a scalable rate, and the terrible content does not stay for long because of votes and moderators.

My argument is that content creation is good, but you are wasting your time and money if you are publishing content that you can easily find in other places on the web. You have to push your business to find new ways to market to your customers with different types of content. Don’t just do what all of the other cool kids are doing. Get your hands dirty, create some content that you are not sure will succeed in a new way, and let it fail or succeed. Properly market that content, test it out, and see if it is any good. Even if it fails, you will know something that other people do not, and you are ahead of the game. I would rather see a junky piece of content that is delivered in an interesting way than a blog post I can read elsewhere.

Social media, video, and infographics WERE great and still are very effective. But what is next? Whoever comes up with that answer is going to kick serious ass because some of us are tired of list blog posts and crappy infographics. Be that guy/gal.

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