A Snippet of My Thoughts on Link Building

The past year has been an interesting one in regards to link building. Hell, it’s been a crazy ride for anyone who works with the Google behemoth. Some good, some bad, some forcing us to question their and our sanity. For a very long time, link building rode on tactics that scaled well and effectively moved the needle. It was clear what the trends were based on blog posts being published (or weren’t) and what was talked about at conferences. Well, after the death knell of larger scale guest blogging, things certainly got quiet. Not as much innovation occurring for good old offsite SEO, and I’m not hearing as much about it.

Is it because links are dead? No. Is it because this, that, and the other? No, I just think no one really knows what they’re doing, and, for those that do, they’re holding the cards close to the chest. Should I finally arise from my blogging slumber, I hope to expound on what link building should look like today when done correctly. Don’t misunderstand; the old, whitehat tactics still exist and work. Whenever possible, get links from resource pages, directories, local citations, image reclamation, and infographic embeds – quality, obviously, emphasized when prospecting and qualifying. But what else? How do I scale links that matter? If Coca Cola is my client, why the fuck am I talking to them about links?

I solemnly swear (note: there will probably be lots of swearing) to try my best not to spout theoretical and philosophical bullshit.